Saturday, May 17, 2008

A night at Tsim Tung

Woohoo.. finally my 3 months internship ended~

Last week 3 of us went to Pandan Indah for supper. At the first we planned to go Genting Highlands but someone cannot, so Tsim Tung's was the choice, it's was my 2nd time been there. Foods and drinks not bad, like their Lemon Sherbet. Photos;

Tsim Tung 1
Sum: Volcano Chocolate Sherbet.
WeeYen: Volcano Lemon Sherbet.
Me: Volcano Strawberry Sherbet.

Tsim Tung 2
Pork Chop Burger; Cheese Chic Wing: Volcano Sherbet; French Toast.

Tsim Tung 3
Beef Russian Style Spaghetti; Pineapple Butter & Kaya.

Tsim Tung 4
our foods and volcano's

Tsim Tung 5
group pic..

That day eat until damn full, i'm gaining my weight now.
bila mau exercise? bball? badminton? football? @.@


Anonymous said...

really ned keep fit edi la...everytime go out also eat till "fullest"...geng badminton la..

Shiveeleaves said...

waaa,the cheese chic wing looks temptating.
i want! :P

Hon Mun said...

sum: eat 1st, worry later. XD

darren: taste good. cheesy betul.

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