Monday, June 2, 2008

Are You Vegetarian?

Back to 3 weeks ago about going to end my internship, me and colleagues went for lunch in this vegetarian restaurant call Tian Yian Cafe. Recommended by one of my colleague, located in Taman Miharja, Cheras. Somewhere nearby UE3.

My 2nd time to there, overall this vege restron wasn't bad.. their cheese rendang rice not bad tho..

*my mango blended.. not really nice*

*my rendang cheese rice.. 3.5/5*

*forgot what's the name.. looks nice-kan? 3/5*

*donno what what pasta.. 1.5/5*

Mrs. Ooi || Mrs. Toh || *Available*

*fei mong and me*

duh.. where goes Gin, Chuah, Bryan, WeiKiat photos? ishh.. forgot to berphoto with them.. of course lah, got lenglui's here, photo with them 1st mah =p

Are you a health freak? Are you a Vegetarian?

4 days to go

4 days to go
4 days to go
4 days to go
4 days to go


MT said...

bila bring me to there? cos I like the vegetarian foods as well...

Hon Mun said...

anytime can.. ahahah

joshuaongys said...

this place sucks... bryan brought us new batch go there before and all i can say is... the food, and the drinks.... sucks... ha nvm la maybe not my taste.. =)

Anonymous said...

but i rate tat restaurant for 3 1/2 star in my list..

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