Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you Euro? - Part 1

Here's go my first day (8'june) of Euro 2008, Waikit's call us (the usual gang) to his house to watch Euro, not all make can make it only few of us came that night. Before the game start, we brought some snack & drinks as well. In the beginning of the game we're enjoying it until into first 10 minutes of the game we got bored and starting to crazy stuffs. What we do? We starts to take photos in the house..

Omg can.. non-stop taking photos until end of the game.. @.@ Let's the pikcha bercakap;

*happy snacks moment*

Euro 2008 - Part 1.2
*Jack n' Jill party snacks*

*enjoying the match*

*Live on 46" LCD*

*Poser 1: HonMun's the Munster*

*Poser 2: Dylan's the Footballer*

*Poser 3: WaiKit's the Chef*

will be continue on part 2..
i'm gonna finsih up this Euro post frist then only my birthday post.. woots! Happy Euro Day! 8 to 30 June.


Geralvin said...

thumbs up for u!

babychyu said...

waaaaaaaah~ BIG Tv ~
so enjoy har !!!

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