Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tagged a Munster!

Kena tagged by 20..
my very first tag since I moved to blogspot =.=

Real name: Loh Hon Mun
Nickname: Ah Mun
Married: Not now
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Male or Female: Lelaki.

High School: St. John Baptist de La Salle Sentul
College: TAR
Short or long hair: Short
Are you a health freak?: Eat first, worry later.
Height: 175cm? *not sure*
Do you have a crush on someone?: Don't have any now
Do you like yourself?: I love myself can
Piercings: nope
Right of lefty: center can?

First surgery: Nope
First piercing(s): plan to pierce but takutz lah
First best friend: errr...
First award: errmmm.. can't recall
First sport you joined: badminton?
First pet: i dont have one
First vacation: tiada gua Genting? cant really recall.
First concert: haven't been to concert b4
First crush: she

Eating: Writing this tag, msn-ing, tv-ing
Drinking: 100+ with Ribena
I’m about to: yumcha.

Wants kids: yup. perhaps 3 kids
Want to get married: after 26
Careers in mind: Something that related to my current course with high payment

Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Shorter or taller: both can!
Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms: hemsem face can!
Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant

Kissed a stranger: in dream can?
Drank bubbles: Eww. no
Lost glasses or contacts: Never
Run away from home: i'm a good kids
Liked someone younger: Yes!
Liked someone older: Yes!
Broken somone’s heart: give them glue to stick the pieces back
Been arrested: Never
Turned someone down: Sometimes I guess
Cried when someone died: Of course lah, tak kan LOL meh
Liked a friend: I love my friends

Yourself: Yes!
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: yes no yes no
Heaven: No! hell nicer, can meet more friends!
Sex on the first date: Perhaps *not sure*
Angels: Yes!

Is there one person you want to be with right now: No
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: No
Do you believe in God: Definitely

People I tag:

Gosh! let me check my blogroll first.. ermm..
I tag... Tallboyz, Angelqiqi, Farica, Andrew, Emory, Wei San, Cheong & Lim (both of u got thing to update now).. and who ever want to do this tag..

phewww.. i'm done now! thankiu for tagging me @.@

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YeeLeng said...

ribena campur 100+?? sedap ke?

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