Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Penang Day 2.2

Me didn't drive in Penang, Cmei's be our tour guides all day we in Penang. Thanks Cmei's for bringing we all makan makan and jalan jalan.

It's time to dinner! *i had no idea where is these place and it names*. Let's pictures do the makan talk:

Penang Day 2.2 - a
*having our tong sui*

Penang Day 2.2 - b

Penang Day 2.2 - c
*CharKueyTeow with 'lai liu har', Hor Fun, Chicken*

Penang Day 2.2 - d
*Penang: WanTanMee, Lo Bak, Curry Me*

Penang Day 2.2 - e
*CharKueyTeow & sticky rice?*

This is what we had for our dinner. The food price was cheap but came in a small portion :( I damn miss Penang's Food! anyone's going to Penang? Tarpao curry me for me can? lol

Penang's photo by YeeLeng,Wong. Do visit her blog.


Anonymous said...

hehe.. the white cake is not rice cake.. v call it "pak thong kou"(white sugar kuih)... the white thong sui.. omg..
p/s: all ur food from town, mainly kimberly street(thong sui n chic feet), curry mee is from chulia street.. bila u come pg, aku still boleh jadi ur tour guide..

winNie said...

don keep showing delicious foods!
i dribbling here!!

Hon Mun said...

cmei: thanks for the info(s)! perhaps sem break? lol

winnie: lalala~ i like :p

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