Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Faces of Malaysia - Chinese Culture

Let's continue from the 1st post here

FYI, Faces of Malayia (FOM) held at TAR College few weeks ago, it's all about traditional & culture of 3 different races. Talk less, see pictures:

Chinese 1

Chinese 2

Chinese 3

Chinese 4

Chinese 5

Chinese 6

Chinese 7

Chinese 8

That's all for Chinese cultures I had from FOM. *Fish which 1 nice? XD*


Anonymous said...

Why Chinese are important to Malaysia, because Chinese are everywhere , the Chinese characters are everywhere as well as the Chinese people. So you have to learn Chinese, to understand them, to help you learn Chinese easy and fast, please check the site.

Anonymous said...

Chinese is playing a more and more important role nowadays, as the economic is accelerating and the politic power is strengthen. So the dominance of Chinese will come soon, learning Chinese could be a really good choice.

Hon Mun said...

Hi Yuany! Thanks for the link! =)

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