Thursday, August 21, 2008

Faces of Malaysia - Lion Dance

Rainy day. I didn't see the sun for today at all, raining thursday. pheww syokk~

back to 2 days ago, there was an event held in school college hall organized by DPR2 (Diploma in Public Relation) students. Name of the event was "Faces of Malaysia", basically what they displayed in the event was traditional & culture of 3 different races.

Let berpictures now:

Lion Dance - Faces of Malaysia 1
*yellow yet gold in color*

Lion Dance - Faces of Malaysia 2
*my big eye & .... *

Lion Dance - Faces of Malaysia 3

Lion Dance - Faces of Malaysia 4
*lion in actions*

gotta go out now for donut(s)... *yummss*

i know lah, some of the pic was blur.. so? =p


~pR!nC3sS~ said...

Heys... Got a question to ask u... After going to TLC and FOM, what do you have to comment on both events are there any improvements which can be done? I have an event next sem... so now gatherin' info ^_^

Hon Mun said...

mmmm... no comment, overall both event not bad.. for TLC, its much better than previous batch movieng ahead =p

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