Monday, August 25, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 (MIFC)


pheww.. just back from MIFC at Putrajaya. It was suddenly raining heavily, wind from nowhere, can blown off your umbrella or even your tripod! *exaggerated*

MIFC Bunting

Fireworks from Team Spain:

Teaser 1


More pictures after all pending FOM's post. Time to sleep now, will be in Times Square's tomorrow by 11am. Good nights all.


Anonymous said...

i was enjoying the buffet at V.I.P while watching the fireworks....

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos as always.

vertexdesign said...

two only ar , aiyoyo ~ more more pic come , haha

winNie said...

although rain heavy, but u still can captured something, at least not wasted ur time, haha~

Hon Mun said...

marilyn: got buffet? I tot normal dinner only.

mheng: thanks bro!

cheekin: updated with more pics now =)

winnie: my camera get wet, but worth also lah.. friday go again.. XD

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