Wednesday, August 13, 2008


just came back from "You Don’t Mess With The Munster Zohan" Movie Screening by adverlets!

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan Movie Screening!

Not bad tho. Funny 1, laugh til ur jaw drops. Go watch!
gotta continue with assignments now, not going to sleep! esok got presentation somemore, teh tarik satu plz..


Anonymous said...

Hey yo munster!Ehhhhh u went for the screening ah!i had invites but couldn't make it..aiseh i could have met u lah.

The show nice meh? very 'fai' la i combine hindi movie + kung pow produced by chao sing chee la...cannot tahan!

Hon Mun said...

evo: lol. nvm, wait for next screening.. =)

nice because the whole movie 'fai' to the max! lol x 10

Hon Mun said...
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