Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do You, uh, Game?

Done with appetizer, main course & dessert. Let's have some supper for now, Arcade & Pool.

Let's pictures do the talk luu..

Game Machine @ 40 cents only : Pool Table RM3

Chee Kin & Dylan

Hit me!

after that back to our room to have some board games, and this board named "The game of Life". Basically it's related to our real life, "study or work, get married, get baby twins, buy house, retired"

The game of Life

last but not least, I done my Gundam Exia! in 4 hours.. lol

ps: Going to Klang's tomorrow and Saturday morning to Taman Pertanian.. wuuhhuuu! XD

End of Port Dickson - Part 4


vertexdesign said...

u also one the plp post PD trip too late de !! haha ~

Hon Mun said...

I separate it into few part mah.. =p

winNie said...

known as supper pula...
i thought is activities for helping digestion after dinner :p

Hon Mun said...

after digest then makan lagi rite.. *roti mixed*

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