Friday, September 19, 2008

Had paintball your way.

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A week ago, the usual gang planned to play war game (paintball) after the final examination paper. There are 14 of us who's joined the game (Me, Dylan, Joshua, Fish, Steve, Kim, Dyi Chee, WCH, Darren, Ah Sum, Loong, Chee Kin, Jacob, and Kelferd). *you see! almost half of my classmates owned a blog! good one..

Okie, let's pictures do the painting now:

Bunting : Total of 5 car : New Arena

Hemsem: Me, Fish, Joshua, Kim

Group Shot before game starts...

The opponent players...

another group shot after the war game... sexy poser?

Briefing before game start... be patient, wait for it load.. k!

**pictures and video are courtesy from Ah Sum, Joshua, & Kim.


cmei said...

paintball is nice.. but i prefer named it as painball.. cos really pain betul.. blueblack 1 week oso still sakit 1.. oucchh..

vertexdesign said...

next round lo , what we are looking for ne ?? haha ~ gogogogogogogogogoggo !!

Anonymous said...

looks quite fun...

Hon Mun said...

sakit for a week only.. but fun to play..

vacation! kukup! langkawi!

yalor.. so fun leh.. =p

Anonymous said...

no ppl find arsenal group ppl de..zzZ

Hon Mun said...

This is Manchester United! lolol =p

next time go again luu..

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