Friday, September 12, 2008

Paintball Makes Everything Better.

Woots! Exam is over, no more examination for the whole college life.. *unless resit lah XD*. After the last paper, half of the classmates went for paintball, then swimming, then supper. Seriously, it's was so tiring that day yet I had fun with them. *whole body pain now*

Anyway, I'm lazy to update pictures now.. Here's the video I get to search from youtube about the paintball arena I went to..

p/s: It was a paintball arena in the forest. Nature feels can...

it was my 2nd time for paintballing.. see my previous post here & here
...will update more pics of paintball after Bak Kut Teh


Ephine said...

Ya, paintball is fun..
but is painful.hehe
Where you play?
Last time i play in TT Sport Subang,
that 1 is quite cheap compare to other..

Hon Mun said...

Taman Melati..
Stater pack: RM40 for 50 bullets..

That day I get 190 bullets for RM60, quite cheap..

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