Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sushi Donuts Birthday

"Today weather is damn hot can die!"

After Bakuteh lunch, we went to Jusco's Bukit Tinggi walk around and dinner at Sakae Sushi. Let's Sushi tonight & donuts too!



Before dinner, we planned to celebrate Dyi Chee's birthday. His birthday was 31th August, exactly same date with our Malaysia Indepence Day. Lucky boy. So we bought donuts as his birthday cake, hope he get suprise luu..

Big Apple Donuts..

See his face, damn happy lor..


Happy Birthday to you, once again. Hope you enjoy that day.
before we leave, group shot in front of Sakae Sushi...

Photo by Dyi Chee's camera..
not a complete group shot, some of them are camera shy. =.=

ps: i'm going to Port Dickson's with the duckies tomorrow.. will be back at thursday night. Happy Tuesday to all!

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