Sunday, September 28, 2008

You're Getting a Breakfast!

I'm feeling sick now + whole body in pain.. after a day in Taman Pertanian. Okie people, let's ride car back to Port Dickson now, cont. from Part 4 here, morning session we will have a buffet breakfast. It already included in our suite packages.

Food there just so so, and not much choices.. less word now, jom makan:

Breakfast Buffet 1

These are what I ate for the morning breakfast,

Breakfast Buffet 2
Koko Crunch : Fried Egg

Breakfast Buffet 3
Orange Juice : Coffee

Breakfast Buffet 4
Nasi Lemak : Lagsana : Onions with Mushroom

They even served, Cantonese Style Fried Noodles, Mutton, Chapati, Thosai, etc.

Pictures of us:

Breakfast Buffet 5
Winnie : Sean : Dylan

Breakfast Buffet 6
Chee Kin : Loong : Me

End of Port Dickson - Part 5,
2 more post of my PD's trip to go... =)

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him and her said...

eh eh... ur post all bout eat one... lolx.....

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