Friday, October 17, 2008

Do Jump Like a Munster.

Do you James Bond? I had registered myself in yesterday, and they having these contest "The Next James Bond / Bond Girl Contest". It's easy as just upload a picture and get vote to win prizes.

Register yourself and a vote for me can!? Here's my entry, vote now! lololol

Jumping Munster
These was the pic I submitted.. Thanks Darren's for taking this pic..


Jade¬ said...

love this Putrajaya shot!
good luck with your jumps!

winNie said...

jump in front of me pls
i'll vote if i c the live 1, wakaka~

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Jade! Hope can win luu.. lol

Jahat! lol.. next time jump sama sama..

him and her said...

vote liao lo..... =P

Hon Mun said...

so nice. Thank you! =p

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