Friday, October 3, 2008

How Refreshing! How Gundam!

Few weeks ago, I bought myself a Gundam Exia Model. Had been addicted to it after listen to what they said and their collection. Omg it's so cool can die weh!.. On the day before I bought it, I still feel hesitate either should buy it or not. At the end I bought it luu, why? 3 of them bought together-ness and I totally kena poisoned to buy.

Dylan's Throne Eins, Cheekin's 赵云 and Joshua's Kyrios. Ok here goes my first Gundam, Gundam Exia 1/144

1) Gundam Exia 1/144 box
2) What in the package
3) The bones
4) Tools that I used

Gundam Exia! Used 4 hours to done these..

with Yellow Flash light..

Are you a fans of Gundam? show me your gundam weh! lol..


him and her said...

haha... guess wat? my house got tat table too!!! hahaha... XD real old stuff...

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! bunga bungi 1 that table.. lol

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