Friday, October 31, 2008

Malacca River Fun Fair.

Here's my 2nd last post from Malacca.. after had Satay Celup for dinner, we drove to "donno-what-the-place-name".. Jalan Hang Tuah ---? Totally no idea what's the place name, so just put it as River Fun Fair.

A very nice lighting at night on the building and there are Fun Fair's beside the river. Here the pictures from the night:

Fun Fair River - 1
: 1 :

Fun Fair River - 2
: 2 :

Fun Fair River - 3
: 3 :

Fun Fair River - 4
: 4 :

A panorama shot from the river...


I miss using cs3 to create panorama shot. Sadly, it cant install on my notebook now, Vista probs? @.@

*omg! it's tomorrow! Innov8 Run! gonna be a fun day... weee~~*


Unknown said...

the lighting of the outline of the building is nice. beautiful shots :)

havalyn hong said...

wow...d nice view look nice!

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! creative idea to put the outline light on building.. lol

the lighting on the building very nice at night one..

Adrian said...

so nice...wish i'm there for this ; )

Hon Mun said...

plan to go there lor.. nice to take photos..

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