Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Hope It Runs

Wassupp! *omg* I'm one of the nine participants in the Innov8 Run event, 9 of us are representing Samsung Fun Club. FYI, there are 15 groups in total in the Innov8 Run event. (correct me if im wrong, lol) 72 participants who submitted their entries and I'm one of the 9 participants being selected! *proud-nyer*

Earlier in the afternoon was the get-together lunch session at Bon Ton's Restaurant with all 9 participants. Basically doing the lunch section we had introduction/briefing of Innov8 Run Event, product demo, and of course food!!.

Okay! Pictures should do the talk now *coughs*



Here was the food...

Appetiser: Mushroom Soup

Seafood Spaghetti : Lamb Chop

Dessert, Ice Kacang : Goodies Bag

After the makan-makan session, we get to play around with the hemsem 8mp phone.. lolol


That's all about today pre-event activity, a group photo of 9 participants from Samsung Fun Club before we leave the place..

Group Pikcha!
Happy Faces..

p/s: all of us don't have a chance to bring back and play with the new phone because this is to be fair for the other 12 groups that are participating in the run... *so sad can!*

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