Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fullhouse, NZX (Ara Damansara)

A month ago, it was YeeLeng's birthday on the 24th Oct.
Have been reading some of the reviews about Fullhouse on the past few week before her bday. I see many good reviews about it, like their ambiance, food, design, etc. So we decided to celebrating her birthday there.

Participants: Me, Kelvin, Dylan, MT, and some of her classmates.
Venue: Fullhouse, NZX
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Date: 24th Oct 2008

For this post, I will post photo of the foods only. Too many photo to share, have to separate it into few part lah. Ok, let's ber-photo now:

Fullhouse Food - 1
1) Entrace of Fullhouse.

Fullhouse Food - 2
2) Welcome to eat.

Fullhouse Food - 3
3) Menu book. Creatively designed .

Fullhouse Food - 4
4) Mango Vanilla with Red Beans | Mint Chocolate.

Fullhouse Food - 5
5) Forgotten | Forgotten.

Fullhouse Food - 6
6) Seafood ____ | Spaghetti.

Fullhouse Food - 7
7) Chicken Chop | Fish n' Chips

Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Price: 8/10

The price of food barely around RM15 for ala-carte. Somehow, there are having set lunch promo pricing between RM11.90 to RM15.90 (soup, main course, drink, dessert). Definitely I will pay another visit to there for the set lunch!

Up next more photo's from Fullhouse. End. =)


Silent Siputz said...

wow... Nice photo taken! Where exactly is this place location?

him and her said...

ya lo!!! din say mana also...
look like very nice erh.... i wan go!!!! lets gathering there!!!! =P

Silent Siputz said...

good idea. Am I invited ar? (pity face)

Anonymous said...

Yo dude!

yes yes, i'm using 40D, it's actually my dad's but i curi it sometimes hehe.

Myself i use a Sony W5. I used to think it was good. then when i started using dslr i didn't think it was so good

I have so much to learn on dslr wey.

MT said...

photo (2)

sikit dizzy after looking

Hon Mun said...

located @ Ara Damansara.. somewhere near Kelana Jaya.

My post title was the place name lor..

everyone's invited!

woot! take more nice photos.. i wish to upgrade my camera to 50D

LOL! too wide edi..

Silent Siputz said...

Weee...! ^^
When you and Eggy Gurl decide to held a gathering make sure you guys make a big big post out of it and inform ya! (excited)

Hon Mun said...

okie! =)

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