Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sister's Graduation Day.

Venue: Shangri-la Hotel
Date: Sunday, 9 November 2008
Time: 2PM to 5PM

Fresh post!

This evening went to Shangri-Lalalala Hotel for my sister's graduation day. I would say it much better & nicer than my previous convocation in Tar College. It took about 1 & half hour for the awards presentation, simple yet nice. I hope my advanced diploma graduation will be held in any hotels luu. *dreams*

Sis' convo.. 1
1) Booklet for parents.

Sis' convo.. 2
2) In the hall. (Adobe CS4 will be launching here this coming Tuesday)

Sis' convo.. 3
3) Senyum. Chancellor of Charles Sturt University.

Alright, after the presentation of awards, all the family and graduates get to have some light tea time at lobby. Omg! i miss the fruit tart, seriously nice. Photo taking with graduates started lah;

Sis' convo.. 4
4) Parents with sis.

Sis' convo.. 5
5) Grandma, cousin, aunt.

Sis' convo.. 6
6) Me and my Sis.

7) Lil' bro and Sis

Overall, we spent about 3 hours there for the awards presentation, foods, photo taking, etc etc. Before I end my post, here is 1 photo of my sis. Congratulations!

Sis' convo.. 8
8) Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Charles Sturt University.

Anyway, how is your Sunday so far?


him and her said...

lol.. ur bro taller thn u lo!! haha.. =P

♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

congra to ur sis..
n ur bro lengchai than u leh hemsem.. kaka...

Puiyeesss said...

omg!! loh hon kit!!!
1st time i c him in ur blog...
finally u reveal him but not taking his "da gei" pic huh? xD

it's a nice convo anyway...
congratz to ur sis ya... ^^

Hon Mun said...

a bit jek.. lol

we both sama sama lengzai... =p

"finally u reveal him".. lol maciam lah i keep it very secretly.. i know u miss him la.. ahaha

that convo sure nice la.. the fees not cheap one.. ishh..

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