Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TARC Blood Donation.

It's raining now! feel damn sleepy yet dowan sleep. Have to go out later for night shooting at Chow Kit. *pray for the rain stop*

Ok let's back to today post, these morning 3 of us we for blood donation at College Hall. It was my 4th times to do blood donation, quite nervous for it. Imagine lah, about 5 cm long needle poke into your hand.. you can actually feel the needle poking into but no pain lah cos' already apply "ubat kebas".

For your information, I donated 450ml for today.

Blood Donation
1) Certificate of Appreciation.

Blood Donation 2
2) Goodies Bag. *mineral water was my lucky draw, damn lucky lor*

I can feel my left hand now tired like no energy, ahaha. Here's my history of blood donation:

> 29/3/06 (first time)
> 14/7/06
> 22/11/07
> 26/11/08

Donated 1800ml (1.8L) of blood! Dylan & WCH donated their blood like around 8 to 10 times, they are like competing each other. lololol. So do you donate blood before in your life?


Silent Siputz said...

I want to donate also cannot ler ... Nanti pengsan there. Hahahhaa..
Underweight.. Swey laa...

Coffee Girl said...

Congratulations! You did a good service to the country. :-) Should give a bungalow for this. Hehe

Nice blog! Love your photos.

Hon Mun said...

LOL! eat more gain more weight now.. =p

Thanks! Thanks! visit more often.. lolol =)

Silent Siputz said...

Later I become Fei Po then jia lat liao

Hon Mun said...

do more exercise lor.. ahaha

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