Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faces at Fullhouse.

Been busying for FYP video shooting for the past few days. Shooting all done, now into the editing part.. pheewww late for 2 weeks from what we planned. Time flies so fast, left about 2 weeks to due with the dateline. =(

Here we go the finale part from me @ Fullhouse. At last I got the mood to finish up this pending post. For this post it would be just faces at her birthday dinner. Let's cut it short, pictures will show all about it.

1) 50mm eyes f/1.8 | Dylan's with his chicken chop.

2) Pembuli-queen-punya-assistant with her cake | Girls on cooper.

3) The-guy-who-won' | Dylan again, the lucky person.

Faces - F4
4) Saya | Empty Kosong | CinTeck

Group shot before we left the place. (photo taken using Kel's camera)

Faces - F5
5) Group Shot 1. (normal)

Faces - F6
6) Group Shot 2. (what's that?)

Faces - F7
7) Group Shot 3. (smiling)

That's all from me. Gotta back to assignments. Thanks Ms.Teng for the assignment *cough*

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