Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friendster Cafe.

New Year eve is today! I'm going to Lookoutpoint's tonight. Wishing you a Happy Year 2009! Do more exercise, don't spend too much, save money, save future... *Ahh. I crap*

Turning back to the end of October, 2008. On the 29th was Kelvin's birthday, we planned to bring him 'makan nice nice'. As the plan there were 5 of us but in the end Dylan's couldn't join us for the 'makan nice nice' due to some reason.. aihzzz..

Anyways, before heading to the 'makan nice nice' place, we went to Friendster Cafe for a relaxations yumcha session.

1) The Menu.

2) Blackcurrant Tea? isit?

3) Don't know apa name.

4) Birthday boy.

5) =p

6) Blow the hot.

7) The camera shy.

during the relaxations, we met someone in the magazine..

8) Can you guess who's him? look alike...

Click here if you really can't guess look alike who. Happy New Year 2009 everyone! =)

more photos from 'makan nice nice' place next year!

*edit: last post for 2008!!!*


YeeLeng said...

lol.. wrong! we didn't go friendster to yumcha yumcha and relax.. omg.. i got no eyes in that photo!

Hon Mun said...

can consider we go there terpaksa yumcha also b4 dinner..

the only one photo of u in friendster.. =='

Shiveeleaves said...

yeah shy MT!

RunWitMe said...

Happy new Year! :) Frienster Cafe in Sunway? I hv never been inside even though I live in Sunway. :)

HitoMi Ng said...

Haha...looks like Darren ka???

Hon Mun said...

Yesh! anti-ppl-take-his-photo one.. XD

Happy New Year! It was Damansara Perdana one.. Din know tat u live in Sunway.. lol

Yalor. got 80%. forgot what magazine is tat d..

MT said...

yer....tat photo so ugly...

Hon Mun said...

Nice la. trust me.. ahaha!

cmei said...

i think ur drink is.. caramel machiato.. correct me if me wrong.. lalalala....

Shiveeleaves said...

yeah nice la mt

Hon Mun said...

yesh yesh! 20's told me d.. caramel machiato..

he don believe one.. aihzz

cmei said...

yeah.. correct dee... lalala... nampak familiar..

cmei said...

yeah.. correct dee... lalala... nampak familiar..

Hon Mun said...

yesh! correct. next time u treat we all caramel..

cmei said...

ya treat u caramel... caramel only k.. haha..

Hon Mun said...

& macchiato.. tq!

cmei said...

munster... pandai nyer wut me... dibuli lagi.. sobs... *sit in a dark corner n try to flood this blog by crying*

Hon Mun said...

flood? bencana alam ni.. *run*

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