Saturday, December 6, 2008

New. Bolt. Birthday.

3 short talk for now...

1) Finally I changed my blog header! It's about half year didn't do anything for it. Happy with it now.. =)

New blog header

2) Oh ya! Yesterday I went to Pavilion with the gang for "Bolt" the movie. Awesome 3D's, damn nice. The dog was damn cute as well, worth to watch in cinema. I would rate 10/10!

3) Happy Birthday Chicken! Stay healthy!

photo taken from dylan's blog


Shiveeleaves said...

change header lagi,siap dengan santa hat

vertexdesign said...

haha .. thx u all .. but the pic dylan taken from me .. haha

Hon Mun said...

sudah half year lor, Merry Christmas!

You're welcome. =)

DyLan321 said...

[ck] taken ur head! it's from my hp la.. nenene..

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