Saturday, December 13, 2008

Upstairs of Fullhouse.

Short one for now. Been busy for video shooting this few days & assignments. I can feel that busy weekend ahead for me now. Sleep for 4 hours, have my meal late, drive here and there.. exhausted!

Anyhow, I will updating some photo from upstairs of Fullhouse tonight...

Full 12
1) Makan time began @ 8.41PM

Full 13
2) Happy Birthday to you!

Full 14
3) Fashion. You want one?

Full 15
4) I like this place can!

Full 16
5) What's your shoe size? 6? 9?

Full 17
6) Welcome.

Some photos was taken with wide-angle lens. Thank you Kelvin's for borrowing me. =)

Another weekend is here now, enjoy Saturday!

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