Saturday, March 7, 2009

CNY Seafood Dinner with AMLers.

*got my craft puncher @ art friend 'love in shape' for RM 9.90*


February 3, 2009

Okays, after done with the house visiting in KL around 7pm, we separated into 2 gang & headed up to Klang. It's not just famous with Bakuteh, but seafood - cheap and nice tho. My first to had Klang's seafood after a few times visiting Klang. It just tastes normal to me, just like seafood that we can get in KL. lol the best things was dinner with them (amlers) & the night seaview that you only can see lights. =) Nevertheless, I had a great dinner with them, eat, jokes, play with wind oyster...

13 peoples - 6 meals - 1 tea pot with ice - 6 pictures for tonight.

Joshit, Dylan, Mokku
#1 - Seafood King's the place we went to. (Joshit, Biglan, Mokku)

Heh Goh
#2 - Fried Sotong. =)

Chut Chut
#3 - Wind Snail. (correct me if I'm wrong)

#4 - We got prawns!.

Curry Fish
#5 - Curry Fish Head.

This is Crab!
#6 - Don't know what fried crab.

Those are what we had for our dinner, somewhere in Port Klang - the next day morning will have a heavy one as breakfast.

p/s: please bear with the photo loading, I know it loading damn slow - got no idea how to fix it LOL! Anyhooo, be patient for it okays! =)


vialentino said...

i think is fried kam heong crab...really like all the seafood pics taken by u....

Hon Mun said...

I guess so, it tasted spicy.. lol

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