Sunday, March 15, 2009

Korean BBQ Restaurant , Woo-Ga-Chon.

It's a month ago, went to Korean Village (Ampang) with my Final Year Project (FYP) group member & talents - to celebrates our FYP done successfully. There were 6 people's including myself - Dylan, Jacob, Kelferd, Michelle, & Grace.

There were lot of Korean BBQ restaurant in Korean Village, so randomly we went to these restaurant named "Woo-Ga-Chon" (okay, actually Grace went before with her classmates). Lazy to elaborate more (as usual), let's the photo do the talk.

#1 - 'Woo-Ga-Chon' the place we went to. barbeque!

#2 - Rice served to each of us.

#3 - The interior, heavy chopstick & spoon, charcoal.

Food photo sharing now, we ordered a bottle wine? (the green one in photo below). It's an alcohol drink with some pickle fruits in it. Tastes weird to me for the first sip, following just okay.

#4 - Random photo of the food.

#5 - Random.

#6 - Random. =)

#7 - Fried egg. 'donno what', Steamed egg (damn nice!).

#8 - Vegetables.

#9 - The porky. Just so so.

We did ordered pancake, it really nice & I forgotten to snap photo of it (too nice edi). Overall it was acceptable to try out - was my first time to Korean BBQ restaurant, I would rate 6/10 for all food I ate. Wish to go again for Korean BBQ but for sure not this restaurant, there is lot to try out in that area. Any recommended Korean BBQ restaurant to go?

Anyhow, we took group photo before leaving the place.

#10 - The Symptoms.



Kai and Baobei said...

wow, i heard there are many nice Korean restaurants in that area !!!! expensive but foods are ok ~ :)

Hon Mun said...

Yeah! there are many.. not sure which one is famous - the one i tried not bad.. =)

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