Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random: DPC Panorama.

Got sms-ed from Darren to go Desa Park City (DPC) for photo shooting. So went to DPC with him & Egg-gy these evening. Weather was nice - sunny day - kid's running around - people's cylcing & jogging. Goods day =)

One panorama shot to be share tonight.

Desa Park City - Panorama
March 18, 2009.
- Desa Park City

p/s: coming post I should be posting my Langkawi trip, due to my lazyness it's get delayed. lol.


Anonymous said...

nice picture ler... how you take one?

Hon Mun said...

Thanks! mmm 5 shots taken then combined it in photoshop.. hehe =)

Kai and Baobei said...

huh !!! chun !!!! nice picture !

Anonymous said...

fuhh..cun sial..

Hon Mun said...

Thanks bro! bring ur gf there, nice place..

lol.. Thanks Yatz! =)

Anonymous said...

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Hon Mun said...

Sorry, I couldn't understand what it mean.. was it a image links?

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