Friday, April 3, 2009

New Gadgets Revealing.

Remember my previous 2 post that I'm selling off my camera? Yeah! I'm upgrading my camera instead of SELLING MY CAMERA, it just an April fool's joke. lolol! one of the reader e-mailed me about the selling, I'm sorry.

Revealing what I bought yesterday after I waited for the toys about 2 months. Here you go:


1) Canon Speedlite 580ex ii
2) Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip

New gadget new learning, got to learn more about speedlite thingy - the guide book was damn tebal-ness, got so much things to read. Any sifu out there want gimme some foc talk?

The power of Canon DSLR! got more feelings when holding my camera..

-Hon Mun-


Kuntong said...

wah...Kaya...but i wan tell u horh.. Nikon better.

*...... runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...........*

winNie said...

u get wat u wan finally ^^

Shiveeleaves said...

bukan upgrade 50d mehhhhhhh

Hon Mun said...

lolol both also nice can! =p

Yesh! the best of year 2009!

50D tarak stock..

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