Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Hood.

Another random post here, just feel like updating my blog now.

Remember my previous abou the fashion show "Triumph - Zero to Sexy" ? Just wanna let you guys know what lens I'm using on that day - it was Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 that YeeLeng's pinjam-ed, almost a week already the lens with me. *owe-her-a-meal*

Sigma Hood
Sigma lens hood.

...Thanks Yee Leng! =)


Anonymous said...

nice.. =)

crazywrazy said...

macro sexiness :P

David said...

Good lens with a good close-up feature. A tad too expensive compared to the tammy just for the additional macro function and filter-wise, the price difference is quite a lot.

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Ken!

damn nice lor..

Yeah! expensive but the photo outcome real different if compared.. both sigma & tammy also a good lens =)

CWKen said...

hey there nice photos!! wat gear do you use? =)

btw something bothers me, I've googled and am unable to find a 17-50 f2.8 lens for sigma. I've only found 18-50 so I'm not sure which is which.

Hon Mun said...

Thx bro! Im using Canon 450D.

I just asked my friend, it was 17-50mm f2.8...

David Cheong said...

Actually, the tammy is 1750 f2.8 and the sigma is 1850 f2.8. A lot of people tend to get confused between the 2

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