Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Studio Photography Experiences.

Thinking of what to update recently - Looking back all my photos taken since last year and I found this folder, that's photo of Michelle taken in studio - March 12, 2009. Okay I know, it already a month old. lol I was helping Yee Leng's for her photography assignment - so on the Thursday morning, I sent Mich's to her studio and start lah make-up, etc. Yee Leng is the main photographer on that day, I is just tumpang to shoot only *helping out lah* - Kelvin & Cmei was there too =)

This is my first time to experience studio photo shooting, damn like the photo result, oh i meant the lighting was damn nice superb, love at first sight... lolol Okay, talk less, let me share the photo's I taken that day, just a few only. Enjoy!

With studio lighting:

Mich 01

Mich 02

Without studio lighting:

Mich 03

Mich 04

Mich 05

Mich 06

Mich 07

Mich 08

So this is my first studio photography experience, hopes for 2nd one with more photo taken with studio lighting.

Here's Mr.Munster signing out at 2.37am. Good night people's & wishing her all best for tomorrow exam. *Lucks*


RMA said...

nice shot

Yatz said...

nice photos..nice lighting..and nice girl =D

♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

wah... d pic so yao yeng ar...
sumore d lighting...
n michelle damn cool!! haha

Kuntong said...

aaaaahhhh... studio.. saya mau pigi!

Hon Mun said...

Thanks! =)

lolol Yeah nice one.. XD

Michelle looks yeng lor, very nice.

My friend pinjam from school one.. lol

fattien said...

this was cool !! try to use flash lights behind the model next time!!the gal look very sweet..hehe

feifei said...

saya mao pergi oso!!!haha...but then for me the last rew pic looks bit not contrast enough..maybe lighting not strong

Hon Mun said...

Hope there's another chance to visit the studio lor.. =)

The yellow-ish pic all without flash lighting one.. js normal shot only.. no flash.. aihzz..

michelle siangyi said...

omg, the model look so horrible. luckily u didn't post those pics that were taken in the damansara, that was lagi horrible (i mean the model). ppl said look like pocohontas and tarzan girl, OMG, LOL
btw, nice blog.

michelle siangyi said...

*taken at, not taken in the, LOL

Hon Mun said...

lolol.. the coming post im going to post that, padang kota damansara one.. hehehe

YeeLeng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YeeLeng said...

michelle.. the clothes that day really look like pocahontas and tarzan girl?? haha..


Hon Mun said...

Lol.. pocahontas.. when's the next photo outing? ^^

michelle siang yi said...

Yee Leng, it is not your problem. It was the model prob, don't be sad. U've done a great job. I hope the model doesn't spoilt ur work, lol

Hon Mun said...

lolol both also problem.. let's plan for another photo outing...

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