Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Malacca Nights.


Shot taken in Stadthuys of Malacca - time flies, it's already a month where 8 of us went to Malacca.. pheewww.. I am stuck on life, 'Cause life's stuck on me.

It's good to talk random. =)


goingkookies said...

hi! Nice pic!

*chutz* said...

woah, this shot is spectacular!! i love the effect of that yellow cab speeding through.

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Kookies.. I post more soon =).

Hi Chutz, good to know that you like it.. The photo taken with long exposure =)

edmund ng said...

wow.. u came malacca?
u malaccan arh?


Hon Mun said...

Hello Ed.
I'm not Malaccan, I just went there with friends for holidays.. hehe =)

edmund ng said...

ic. haha... ok ok.

Unknown said...

Really nice pic! Love how the colour scheme is so perfect... teh red-orange-yellow =). Have a nice day!

Hon Mun said...

Hey thanks ya! I like that pic tooo.. =D good days..

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