Friday, August 21, 2009

Oldtown White Coffee.

Let's have a break before continuing KLPF 2009 - been a long time didn't visit to Oldtown White Coffee after they changed new menu & set lunch. It was last weekend, I went there with Winnie to have breakfast together before heading to Midvalley for KLPF - damn miss oldtown can! XD

Now they are serving soft drinks, float, snacks and more - I tried the new root beer floast, ice cream was nice but the root beer was so so only *kinda tasteless* Anyhow, let's enjoy the food photo =)

OLDTOWN White Coffee Menu

Oldtown Nasi Lemak Special

Oldtown Curry Mee

Oldtown Root Beer Float

Oldtown Mocha

I can feel hungry now, do you feel that too? Okays, time to eat supper... thxbyeeeeeeee! XD

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