Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random: Thursday Chicken Rice.

It's a happy Thursday, random photo of the day. Today lunch I had Chicken & Char Siew rice with my colleague, if you're following my plurk/tweeter you might know this chicken rice seller nickname was Wong Fei Hung. It so funny every time his Indonesian worker shouting his nickname Wong Fei Hung!!!! the whole restaurant can heard that.. lolol Say hello to Wong Fei Chung...

Wong Fei Hung's Chicken Rice.
Wong Fei Hung's Chicken Rice at Restaurant Black & White, Solaris Mont Kiara.

At night my company had a farewell dinner for a colleague at Bonga Korean BBQ, foods was nice, interior nice too lolol more photo from this dinner will be up after my pending KLPF post :D

Happy Thursday & please say Hello to Friday... it's friday tomorrow!!!! Good night peeps! *wave*

Hon Mun.


Andrew said...

eh eh.. meatworks one le? wong fei hung's chicky rice cut queue le..

Hon Mun said...

Meatworks will be up soon.. XDXD Bou Chi Lam selling chicken rice.. ahaha nice..

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