Sunday, September 20, 2009

Potrait of Emelyn Lim (Teaser).

A short post for tonight - potrait of Emelyn Lim at Putrajaya. Thanks Eggy for organising and thanks boss Darren for the ride.

Hello Emelyn, welcome to - I just realise today date is 20092009, what a nice number.

Emelyn at Putrajaya

Emelyn at Putrajaya

Will update more about it soon, kinda rushing out to yumcha now. =)

Signing out, buhbye..


Kuntong said...

cantik cantik!!

eutjin said...

nice shots! do post more :D

fattien said...

1st picture should shot the model with reflection in the miror, you miss it. And the model move right from your camera view. The heels should step on the floor coz the shoe bottom part very annoy.

2nd picture should shot full body with landscape.Over expose on the face part and hand part. background should be clear and your apecture during this time should be F7-9 coz u neglect the beautiful backdrop.

Hon Mun said...

Thanks Kun!

Thanks Eutjin!

Bro! Thanks for your master comments, appreciate it. I will take notice for the next outing.. XD

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