Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random: G-Froce, Popeyes.

Random short post for tonight, I now in Tbun, Wangsa Maju with the gang.. still cant access to internet the whole day, sigh~.. early this morning I got to watch G-Force screening at Cathay, e@Curve... quite a funny 3D movie, with the 3 genuine pigs.. worth to watch.. 7/10 I rated..

G-Force Screening
#1 G-Force Screening, 5 days earlier before it release in cinema =p

after the movie 3 of us went to Popeyes Chicken and Seafood, TTDI for lunch.. it was my first to there.. not bad tho.. better than KFC in chicken, fats and oil in the chicken.

Popeyes Chicken and Seafood.
#2 Popeyes Chicken and Seafood, TTDI

That's all for tonigt.. *back to game.. munsterrrr killlsss*

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