Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project 365: #22 - Dessert.

Project 365: #22 - Dessert.

Just back from dessert with Winnie, Mavis, Joyce, and AhLim @ Kepong. No idea what's the chinese words is, what I can understand it was Hong Kong Style Dessert.. lolol Dessert there wasn't the nice, but my mango ice are still acceptable. Price kinda expensive with the quality of dessert they serving.

Thanks AhLim for the treat.. next time mamak on me k..


cr3ap said...

0,0. I also banana, not sure what it means. Where is it located? Pricy as in how much they cost? What do they have? Any more pics?

Regards from cr3ap

hiew10y said...

I hate the Durian smell when i enter the shop!!!

Hon Mun said...

It's located at Kepong, they serve dessert similar to Honeymoon.. din take much photo there, don't think I will post more about this place ahahaha!

I sat outside there, and I saw durian blended in their menu.. sounds nice le..

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