Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger.

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

I has a dream, everyone has a dream - what if I have RM8,888 in this year of Tiger as my dream? With RM8,888 it can fulfill my dream of year of Tiger, what will I do with the money? Check it out here:

1. Get my camera upgrade to higher range - target for next change, Canon EOS 7D which is better for learning and skills improvement.

2. Get myself a new smartphone -need a new phone desperately as the existing one already 70% dying.

3. Get a new SB Nike shoe - poisoned by Nike shoes these days, new hobby shoe collections /gg

4. Get my car a new 'shoe' and 'body' - it been a time I didn't dress up her, time to get new 'shoe' and 'body' for her this coming Chinese New Year. *red shoe!*

5. Get dual monitor for my working desk - which meant I can do my work faster, multi-tasking.. muahhaha!

If you wish your dream come true, you should:

1. Write a blog post titled – "My Dream in the Year of the Tiger" and share what your dream is with everyone. It can be anything, a trip to Tokyo, an LV bag or even a litter of kittens!

2. Send an email to with your full name and blog permalink and you’re set!

Nuffnangers run towards The Year of Tiger

The Tiger Run
Time: 4.30pm
Date: 6th Februry 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

Grand Prize
RM8,888 worth of dreams + RM1,888 cash prize
1st Runner Up (Male)
RM8,888 worth of dreams
1st Runner Up (Female)
RM8,888 worth of dreams

For more details do check out here:

8888! Huaaaattt Ahhhhhh!!!

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