Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365: #37 - Bubba Gump at D' House.

In the morning, Andrew and Me was at Digi Headquarters, Shah Alam for D' Tour event. Basically it's a tour all about DiGi workplace and services that DiGi provides such as DiGi Reward, DiGi Event and so on. Oh Yeah!  Thanks DiGi for organizing this event, not forgotten is the awesome lunch, Bubba Gump for lunch at D' House! & NZN ice-cream too! =D

Project 365: #37
Run Forrest Run~ Stop Forrest Stop~


YeeLeng said...

woah.. the food looks good!

Ling Wai said...

Me <3 Bubba Gump too !! XD

Hon Mun said...

YeeLeng: wasted you didn't join us..

TheLittleMiss: that's my first time eating Bubba Gump lolol food is nice :D

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