Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 365: #42 - I'm Missing "U".

On my way back from work, haven't really got out from working area - there's an uncivilized idiot who's driving Kelisa tailgating me. Car moving is like 20kmh as there's lot car going out from the area. I did heard a lil' sound "prakkk", and I thought it was my car or other hit something on the roadside, so I don care la continue my drive. Manatau when I reached home, checked my backside, I lost my "U", okay la it's not totally lost, just half of the "U". Swt swt! really cibai kia who hit my backside, hopes he/she will bang harder on the highway.. *pray*

Project 365: #42.
Since I got the hit, can I hit something else too? Hello God of prosperity! can ah!? tqtq...

*Fuck you! damn9cibai you, tailgate without kissing me can or not? Noob hai! level minus -10!*


YeeLeng said...

LOL.. kah see han..

crazywrazy said...

Time to put your own number plate "beMunster" hahahaha! den choi san yeh will come and kiss your car ass again!

Shiveeleaves said...

I thought is WNL.Next time kasi brake hard hard

Hon Mun said...

gimme back my "U"... roarrr!

i want "Datuk Munster".. choi san yeh sit beside me.. Huattt ahh!

if I drive 4WD i don care.. brake sajeeee~

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