Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Year.

Not too short, not too long.. Today 27th marks one year I've been working in Netccentric. Feel thankful I have great colleagues and awesome senior designer who guided me since day 1 *true story*

Been working for almost 3 years in life, this was my second job and it's the greatest one so far.. I love my colleagues <3

I don't know what to write more, that's why I prepared some photos throughout the year to share here, photo always tell thousand words mah! Attending event, hang out party with Nuffies, makan minum chatime snowflake etc etc. Looking back to the photos it make me smile, grateful that I've this awesome friends.

First party with Nuffies, New Year Eve countdown which I make me puke for 3 times - I remember this Karen Mayer, keep giving me welcome shots *tequila* lol

First event at D' House - get close to know Jestina & Fresh...

The 3 POTP pretty girls "Party on the planet". Thanks for the birthday treat :)

Lunch time use to be at Yut Kee, Lengzai (lorong mamak stall), LRT, Chinese, Buharry..

Snowflake or Chatime in the office.. this one really best, my favorite lol :D

Makan outing with my awesome colleagues <3

Party event with awesome colleagues - Johnie Walker

Party event with awesome colleagues -Neverland Launch Party

Silly faces at Velvet *me gusta*

 Halloween Night

 Best photo of the year - Designer Team <3
Eric - JJ - Raeesa - Firdy

Last but not least, 
one big family photo of all Netccentric staffs @ Christmas Annual Dinner 2011


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