Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My day!

0606? Yeah! 6 june! Happy birthday to myself and to other who is having same birthday with me!

Selamat tinggal 19!! FUYOH!! i'm 20 now. bangga sei.. u guys don't jealous.. okie? wahahaha

p/s: 6 june was my birthday and my dad too.. 0606! so rememeber wish for my dad and me! /jump


sue said... happy to be a b'day boy ar??? hehe..i cant be the 1st who greet u by call but i can b the 1st who greet u at your blog...

Happy b'day HON MUN~~ cheer~ :p

Hon Mun said...

mestilah.. once in a year wor.. happy birthday to myself!

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