Friday, July 4, 2008

Choizes - Part 3

Blog updated! lol

being busy for past few weeks, assignment's killing me can. Even I had the time to blog I will felt lazy too. =.= submitted 3 assignment today, feel so happy can!! *jump* but then got 2 more due on next week.. zzz..

Anyway, let's back to Choicez, here are some shot taken using my lengzai 50mm lens. (apa tipu makan? /slap lol)

Models and Designer:

Choizes 3-1
she is cute.. say yes ppl.. =p

Choizes 3-2
Angela, 1 of the model in Choizes

Choizes 3-3
Wern. Fashion Designer. cantik-kan?

Choizes 3-4
Wern & Angela

Choizes 3-5
Designer with his models..
lurve this design.. not bad even though not the winner..


anyone's good in Cyber Laws for Designers? (i hate laws! @.@)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Winter clothes? Wear like the girls, die liao lo... =.=

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