Thursday, August 7, 2008


As what I wrote in previous post, me and friends went to school at 4.30am these morning to queue up and submitting our documents. We targeted to be top 50 in the queue, and we are the first there.

Top: College hall at 5am
Bottom: 0001! i'm first!

0430 - 2
*Me & sohai-yet-lengzai Fisherman*

Finally submited all my ptptn documents, waiting them to bank in the money. So now I could continue my assignments. *wasted 2 days for these ptptn*


Shiveeleaves said...

this is madness!
but i love it. :P

winNie said...

do u realize ur eye bag is thicker than ur eyebrow? wakaka~

Anonymous said...

OMG im so lengzai

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