Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Quick update: These morning went earlier to school for submitting my Ptptn's form. Reached there at 7.30am, I thought 730 consider earlier edi but I'm totally wrong.. the queue are totaly crazy!

"what time you came today?" question from me to the 1st ppl in the queue *red shirt guy #1* he replied me 5am! 5! 5! @.@

talk less, see pictures!

Queue - 1

Queue - 2


Queue - 4

Queue - 5

if you're Tarcian, you will know how long the queue was.. ok time to bed now, left 3 hours for me to sleep. Me & gang will be in school at 0400! /gg


joshuaongys said...

ahahha PTPTN!!! lolx i try tat before... DISASTER MAN...

GoDBleSz said...

OMG from College Hall queue until Block V?

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