Sunday, October 12, 2008

Any Time, Any Place, Enjoy.

After the Bak Kut Teh and Supper, finally we are in Taman Pertanian now! Go there cycle and photo shooting! FYI, Taman Pertanian Malaysia is located Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

Before heading to Taman Pertanian, we had our breakfast somewhere in Klang's Town. Chicken rice for our breakfast! *heavy*

Chicken Rice @ Klang

Pertanian 1
The was place so big as you can see in the map

Pertanian 2

There are 2 route in the map, we decided to choose Route A instead of Route B. For this we didn't rent any bicycles, while walking we saw a sign board to Puncak Seni, where a short cut to Route B.

10 of us decided to take risk to walk in jungle trek and these was a bad idea actually, all the way walk, we couldn't find the way out to Puncak Seni. End up, we gave up, reversed back. Wasted about 15 minutes, thank god we din get lost in the jungle, else all tidor dalam hutan.

Feel bored and tiring, back to Route B and we decided to rent bicycle. Old bicycles rated at RM3 for the first hour, and new bicycle at RM5 for the first hour. RM1 for each hour extend.

Old Bicycle

Pertanian 3


Part 3 end here. More pictures from Taman Pertanian on the coming post. Bye all, I'm out to Look Out Point now.


JoyJoy ! said...

wow..boys day out..
looks so fun!!

Anonymous said...

I have been there twice..i not so interested at this place(i dunno ride cycle :P) but a very nice place for shooting.. hehe

Hon Mun said...

Yesh! 'Ten Brothers'.. lol

I got one fren kenot ride bike too. It really fun to ride bike and shooting.. =)

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