Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Side of Malacca.

Happy Day! omg! 4 more days to go Innov8run.. *cant wait d*

Back to Malacca! after checked into hotel and lunch, we then walk around at Stadhuys. I guess the last time I went to Malacca was a year ago. Photo taking started...


Red Church

Jalur Gemilang

Personally I like the 3rd photo, nice can! =p Then we walked to these place, I had forgotten what it name =.=

tell me what's the place name can!?!?

started lah to bergambar

M2 - 6
Group photo @ Stadhuys

M2 - 7
Group photo @ ___ church? *forgot it name*

I end my Part 2 post here. More photo soon... =)

-out to wangsa maju now-


Shiveeleaves said...

st paul la babi

Hon Mun said...

lolol! oh ya.. tak ingat edi lah, and malas to google it.. thx! =p

vialentino said...

wow...nice melaka pics ler....thou i been to melaka lots of times and take pics...but all not nice as urs....

Hon Mun said...

lol thanks. im sure u can take nice pics one..

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