Monday, October 27, 2008

Simple Malacca.

Had a lil' walk & shooting around at Waterfront, Desa Park City with Darren just now. Likes that place so much... Tonight I will update my trip to Malacca after pending for so long. Hehehe!

[Date: 29 September - 1 October 2008] It was a last minutes decision to go Malacca for holiday & of course the food! Participants would be 4 of us, the usual one.. YeeLeng, Dylan, Kelvin, & Me.

Kelvin & HonMun
Kelvin : HonMun

YeeLeng & Dylan
YeeLeng : Dylan

It took us about 1hour 30minutes journey from KL to Malacca, first thing we did once reached there was look for hotel (FYI, we haven't make any booking for room). Jalan-jalan, and decided to stay at The Baba House.

Baba House

Checked in, and next we hunt for the femes food;

The Chicken Rice Ball restron'

Rice Ball & Chicks
Chicken Rice balls, anyone?

Had some desserts after rice balls..

Nyonya Cendol & Nyonya Kuih
Nyonya Cendol : Nyonya Dumpling

The nyonya dumpling really nice, worth to try. Okay, end of part 1 here.



him and her said...

walao... Malacca again?

Dragon said...

izit tat Hotel is Baba House ??

Hon Mun said...

Mana ada again o. I haven't blog bout my malacca trip yet. almost a month jor.. ehehe!

Yesh lengzai! i got insert the link in my post.. check it out! =)

Puiyeesss said...

melacca, tmn pertanian then melacca again...
i sudah confused laa duh...

Shiveeleaves said...

walao,damn luxury la your hotel look

Hon Mun said...

taman pertaninan then malacca.. lol see the date la.. =p

damn nice! tat pic was the back view of the hotel.. forgot to snap front view.. aikss

him and her said...

lolx... 1month go once ah u? hahha... sor jor lo!! haha.. XD

k3lv1n87 said...

i got front view wanna ??
5 bucks .. hahaha :P
tarak credit me la fine d lol...

k3lv1n87 said...

i got front view wanna ??
5 bucks .. hahaha :P
tarak credit me la fine d lol...

Hon Mun said...

where got one month.. u see the date..

dowan! back nicer... credit ur for bring us makan?

winNie said...

the hotel macam haunted geh...
*scare scare*

Hon Mun said...

actually inside not bad one. the time I browse their website really got the haunted feeling. =p

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