Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Taste For Steamboat.

My 200th posts! *cheers to*

Feels sorry that I ffk-ed for this morning Canon Goes Green's event. Seriously, I felt so tiring after yesterday event. /erm

Let's walk to the happy path, we are now back to Klang again. klang lagi.. wtf!. After we had fun at Taman Pertanian, 10 of us went to steamboat dinner somewhere next to Jusco's Bkt Tinggi.

Chen Chenho Steamboat

Steamboat 2
The 10 Hemsemz


Steamboat 4

That's our dinner for the night before we leave Klang.. Here is Silhouettes shot taken when steamboat-ing.

my first Silhouettes? mmm...

-End of my 2D 1N Klang's trip-

Update: i-Feel Girl Search 2008 winner is Tracy.


Anonymous said...

this raining so suit for steamboat!!!

Hon Mun said...

Jom steamboat! ahaha

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