Friday, October 10, 2008

There's Only One Klang.

About 2 weeks ago, went to Klang's for 2 days one night outing with Fish, Kim, Jaykin, Loong, Balitong, Dylan, Fei, Joshua and WCH. These was my 2nd time to Klang, for sure to eat the famous Bak Kut Teh lor!

See my first trip to Klang's BKT here. Okay! our first pit stop once we reached Klang was Bak Kut Teh! Located nearby to KTM's Teluk Kulai & somewhere nearby to Fishy's house. I should let the pictures do the talk now. Enjoy!

Photo 1
Dry: 6/10... *not spicy enough*
Soup: 5/10 *normal*

Photo 2

So basically these was our dinner for the day. After that went to Fish's house to put our bags luggage before head to Jusco's Bukit Tinggi for some refreshment. Steve's brought us to here "Mill Wheel", quite nice tho, the ice really smooth enough. They had another branch at Kepong too, just next to Gasoline. *if you know where is it*

Photo 3
Cup : Menu : Athmosphere

Photo 4
Lychee : Mango

Photo 5
Ice-cream cakes? These one really nice! recomended!

and we watched Mamma Mia's that night!

My rate: 9/10! best!

End of my part 1 post here. =)


him and her said...

jorr!!! go makan ice bo jio!! i so near nia!! hmm!! tat ice really very nice erh...!!long time no eat liao!! gatal lo....

♥Berry_Grace♥ said...

mama mia dis movie nice hor...
altot is musical movie but stil veli nice..
go watch eagle eye.. is damn nice..

Homegal said...

this mill wheel hv alot of ppl on weekend...

Hon Mun said...

[eggy] That I was in Klang one, not kepong one leh.. u want next time come kepong punya lor..

Yeah! mamma mia really nice, all days listening to their OST lol..

OMG la! i hvnt watch eagle eye lah.. ish..

Ya! the first time i went to Jusco's Klang, i saw these mill wheel full of ppl.. @@

him and her said...

haha.. ok lo... nx time go kepong punya jio me lo... i long time no go liao ler...

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